Back from LDSBA Booksellers event!

Just got back a week or so ago from the LDSBA event. What a blast that was. I went out to help work the booth for Rosehaven Publishing & Distribution.

What a treat to be able to meet Karlene Browning in person. She is the owner of Rosehaven and is such a person of integrity, compassion, and love. And how wonderful to be able to trust her sense of the publishing business.

My new book coming out with Rosehaven is called Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers: Helping Youth Find Their Spiritual Wings.

Karlene had approached me about writing a book, after reading some of my articles for seminary teachers at Meridian Magazine. What a treat to bring this project about, working with Karlene. I really enjoyed the tweaks and suggestions and beauty she brought to this project, through layout and other approaches.

The feedback has been exciting and the book will be back from the printers by the end of September (next month).

Right now we’ve got a potent hurricane heading toward my area and I’ll need to stop blogging so as to send some of my Meridian articles off, should we lose power for a time.

Until then, happy reading! And may the Lord bless you greatly.




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