LDS Booksellers Event

Just got back one week ago from the LDS Booksellers event. What a terrific time that was! Here are a few pictures of some of my close buddies who were also at Booksellers because of their books. What a treat to be with them for a bit and to meet so many of you there!

I am excited to announce that my new book, Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers: Helping Youth Find Their Spiritual Wings, will soon be here! It was the reason I flew out for the LDSBA Booksellers Event. I came to the event to do a book and CD signing and to help meet and greet all the terrific LDS bookstore owners and employees in the US, Canada, and other international locations. My publisher is Rosehaven Publishing & Distribution and they are a dream to work with. What a treat to have been with Karlene Browning and the others.

The book is still in the final copyediting/line editing stage, but I’ll let you know when it is available! I’m very excited for it.

I was also able to introduce my CD, A Time for Ana at the event. Are you familiar with the composer Mia Jang? On her debut CD, she explained how she works to strip out all non-essential notes so that the bare framework of the music is exposed.

I love to work in this same fashion and do it intentially so as to produce music that heals. As the listener rests with this kind of “open” music (the composer Satie called it “furniture music,” music which is meant to support but not call attention to itself), it encourages the listener to fill in the “gaps” with emotional content. Thus, the listening experience becomes one of emotional purging or release of tension, leading to healing.

A Time for Ana has been used in therapeutic settings and in ICU to great appreciation. That is always a terrific feeling, knowing that the music has uplifted another. And it was a blast introducing the first, from a line of healing CDs, to the individuals I met at the LDSBA event.

It is my great desire to bring forth those things will greatly benefit and bless the Lord’s children here on this earth. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of your life.

Until tomorrow, happy living!

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