Being a Teacher

Being a teacher is a powerful thing. And inherent within that power must reside truth.

I was particularly struck this morning as I studied the seminary teacher’s manual for Doctrine & Covenants 3. Under Some Important Gospel Principles to Look For (p. 31), I took the time to look up every reference listed. These were the points (paraphrased):

  • God’s plans do not fail.
  • As we trust God and keep His commandments, Satan will not prevail over us.
  • Sacred things must be treated with reverence, if we are to stand before God in joy.
  • Pray appropriately, petitioning for appropriate things.
  • Sin causes the loss of precious blessings.

I was so struck by many of the references listed under these points. How my heart sung as I read through them. How quickly I realized that when we truly want to know the Savior, giving up our sins makes perfect sense. As our heart makes that transition into full (and true) discipleship, we do NOT miss the sin; instead, we see it for what it is – dung that clings and prevents us from entering God’s glorious presence.

May I live in such a way that my entire life embodies these principles…so that my students will want to experience the same joy.


C.S. Bezas


2 thoughts on “Being a Teacher

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