Being a Mother

Being a Mother in the midst of being an artist, a writer, or any other creative type makes for interesting business. And recently my heart has longed to only be the first…a Mommy! It’s rather interesting to contemplate, though, that there is room for more than being “just” Mommy.

Yet, my focus most days now has really been my children. It’s a joyful experience, in truth. We start the day with about an hour of reading the scriptures and discussing the stories found therein. The kids actually seem to really enjoy this time with “Mommy.” And I’m surprised how much my five year and eleven year old retain. These times are really my bright spots during the day.

Once we’ve exhausted all questions and fun discussions about our current scripture story for the day, then we move onto music study or one of the many other enriching choices available. I’ve loved homeschooling, due to the flexibility it provides a family to explore true knowledge…not just something that’s being stuffed down your throat because of some committee’s recommendations. I’m finding myself to be more and more early Americana when it comes to the “don’t fence me in mentality” of our forefather pioneers.

Besides, what is education for, but to enrich a soul so that they become closer to God and a better citizen? The purpose of reading? To discover the tremendous knowledge available. The purpose of math? To be able to further that knowledge, whether through the sciences or any other field. The purpose of writing? To create new pieces of beauty for mankind.

Personally, I find the generalized school systems far too dusty in their curriculums to achieve this. Too many studies, at least one done recently in my state, are pointing to the burnout of children in their schooling. What a horror, when learning can actually bring such joy and excitement into the heart of a child.

Of course, homeschooling would not be the choice for many. But for me and my family, it’s the highlight of the day.


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