“Nevertheless, ye are blessed, for the testimony which ye have borned is recorded in heaven for the angels to look upon; and they rejoice over you, and your sins are forgiven you.” ~~D&C 62:3

I love this scripture and have it at the beginning of my book, Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers as a dedication to all gospel instructors–individuals who work so hard to share the gospel and uplift the lives of others.

It is so gratifying to hear positive comments from those who have read Powerful Tips. That really is the thing an author hopes for…to make a difference in the life of one individual. If there is more than one that benefitted thereby, so much the better.

Now on to the next project: a joint book package done with graphic artist Lori Nawyn. We’ve submitted it to a publisher and will now wait to hear back. Life is so amazing. I just wish my chronic fatigue didn’t get in the way like it does sometimes!

One of the greatest privileges I have is that of performing. I love being able to weave sound and tone through the air with music.

Tomorrow my husband is going to be the high council speaker in a single’s ward. I’ve been asked also to speak and to perform a musical number in the same service. This has become the highlight of my week, as I’ve contemplated prepping for this. I’ll be playing a blend of two hymns, #294 Love at Home and #300 Families Can Be Together Forever.

The theme is families and God-like love. Eventually I hope to be able to learn how to record and eventually upload the recordings for free here!

Becoming Balanced

I’m going to get really open here. Being a Mommy can seriously impede my focused “moving forward” in life. Maybe it’s just me. Maybe you don’t have the problem. But it has been a challenge for me to make sure my kids are getting the time the Lord would have them receive from “Mommy,” yet still pursue my own interests.

After some struggle with balancing all my commitments, I decided to drop every personal interest and focus on my family. Not a bad choice in and of itself. But it didn’t feel quite right, especially after musing on certain elements I’d been told previously about my gifts and talents.

I’m still trying to figure it out. But here’s now how my day goes:

  • Get up and teach seminary in the wee hours of the day.
  • Come home and sneak back into bed for an hour or two for a few more zzzzz’s. :0)
  • Get up with my kids and get breakfast.
  • Start our homeschool (we have a BLAST with this and my 11 year old daughter has decided she is now a geographer–she has discovered she’s quite gifted in learning and retaining knowledge about the world, it’s countries, cultures, and people! Seeing the light shine in her eyes is a delight for me).
  • Finish in time for lunch.
  • Run errands and/or pick up my son from the high school. Let him practice driving for 30 minutes or so before heading home (wooooooh, is he 15 already????)
  • Clean the house.
  • Start dinner.
  • Figure out how to squeeze in writing (but now I’m a bit pooped, plus have piano lessons and a seminary lesson to do/prepare).

Still trying to figure this all out. But I’m finding that the more I am organized, the easier it is to pull out a file and get going on a story project. (So now I only have five more boxes of creative works to go through to finish that organization. Wish me luck! ).