The Lord is good. That is all I can say. Thus far, it would appear the internal bleeding in my son’s eyes has not returned. As of yet, the doctors do not know what caused the problem.

But the most important question of the day is, “Could I say ‘the Lord is good’ if the bleeding continued?”

I think all too often we link our allegiance to God as long as He is linking good things to us. But one need only think on the 20 years that Joseph spent in ancient Egypt in bondage before the Lord chose to reveal His hand (and what a mighty moment that was). I can only imagine the astonishment Joseph felt when it was revealed that he now would be second only to the Pharoah in all the land.

But the twenty years prior spent in bondage? What kind of a soul can continue to look to God and live spiritually, even if the end-of-the-story cannot be seen (in Joseph’s case for two decades)?

Those were the thoughts running through my mind as the weeks went by while we waited to see if my son would have any further problems with his eyes. I can only hope that I’m not a fair-weather friend to God.

Perhaps a serious topic, but then again my blog is called “Seriously! :0)

Have a beauty-full day!


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