I’m always surprised at the difference in my life when I’m reading my scriptures versus when I am not. I sometimes mused if the difference was simply a contented feeling of “obedience.”

Yet it is more, much more, than just a great feeling of checking off scripture study for the day on a long list of “to-do”s. There is so much more to it. Scripture study isn’t just an obedience-thing; it is instead a radio-reception thing.

What I mean is that the more I read my scriptures, the more sensitive I am to the quiet still voice of the Spirit. By picking up the living word each day, I am tuning my soul to the eternal direction of God’s will for my life. As I do so, I get better and better at hearing His voice in my life.

It’s a cool thought.

Your Favorite Book?

Ever heard the quote: “We will yet have Miltons and Shakespeares of our own…”? Orson F. Whitney stated this long ago.

Forget the fact that perhaps you have never read any works by Milton or perhaps the only thing you know of Shakespeare is that taught by your 9th grade teacher. What really counts is that quality literature has the power to move and change souls.

To celebrate just such books, the prestigious Whitney Awards have been born. Begun to stimulate the search for quality LDS literature, the Whitney Award is in its infancy and first year. Yet just as the acorn contains immense potential, the Whitney Awards seek those books whose impact resonates and continues to expand through space.

Have you experienced such in your life? Do you have a favorite book? If so, nominate that book today for the new prestigious Whitney Award! Click here for the nomination form and further details.

I just read a most inspirational post by dear friend and talented writer, Lori Nawyn. You have to read it, especially if you too get swamped by chicken-house-itis like I do.

“Who would want to read my thoughts,” I muse all too consistently to myself. Recently I’d written to a friend that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with lack of self-esteem.

So why is it I find myself privately writing again and again yet another story, yet another chapter in yet another book. I was just telling my husband yesterday that I think I average about 5000 words a week!

But I tuck all this privately away, as if I’m ashamed – much as Lori described. Why? Personally I seem to believe that none of it really would make a difference.

The timing of her post is interesting, given my recent decision to just ignore the icky voice that taunts me and my writing. So thank you, Lori. No more henhouse for me! :0)



Just as I came to the conclusion that I wanted to post links to some really great books and authors, James Dashner beat me to it (in a round-about sort of way).

First, let me tell you a little bit about him. James Dashner is a writer that has a way of creeping his arm up your sleeve and pinching you when you least expect it…even though he is 500 miles away. :0)

That’s right – not a literal pinch, but a bookly sort of one. If you want an EXCELLENT read, you have got to pick up one of his YA books from his Jimmy Fincher Saga. But I warn you…once you start reading, you will not want to stop.

You are fortunate, really, because if you haven’t discovered his books yet, at least you won’t have to wait what feels like YEARS to read the next one simply because it’s not in print yet. This unfortunate situation happened to my son and me, after reading James’ first book. To our dismay, the rest of the Jimmy Fincher series weren’t published yet!

Well, now there are four Jimmy Fincher books, so you won’t sit in endless misery waiting, wanting more “pinching” into amazing new realities of thought and adventure.

Watch for James Dashner. He’s now breaking into the national market with an entirely new book. Definitely one author to enjoy – even if the power of his books leaves you breathless and rubbing your arm. :0)

Here is the link to his website.

And here is the link to his blog, for intriguing peeks into this author’s mind and oh-so-cool stories!