Just as I came to the conclusion that I wanted to post links to some really great books and authors, James Dashner beat me to it (in a round-about sort of way).

First, let me tell you a little bit about him. James Dashner is a writer that has a way of creeping his arm up your sleeve and pinching you when you least expect it…even though he is 500 miles away. :0)

That’s right – not a literal pinch, but a bookly sort of one. If you want an EXCELLENT read, you have got to pick up one of his YA books from his Jimmy Fincher Saga. But I warn you…once you start reading, you will not want to stop.

You are fortunate, really, because if you haven’t discovered his books yet, at least you won’t have to wait what feels like YEARS to read the next one simply because it’s not in print yet. This unfortunate situation happened to my son and me, after reading James’ first book. To our dismay, the rest of the Jimmy Fincher series weren’t published yet!

Well, now there are four Jimmy Fincher books, so you won’t sit in endless misery waiting, wanting more “pinching” into amazing new realities of thought and adventure.

Watch for James Dashner. He’s now breaking into the national market with an entirely new book. Definitely one author to enjoy – even if the power of his books leaves you breathless and rubbing your arm. :0)

Here is the link to his website.

And here is the link to his blog, for intriguing peeks into this author’s mind and oh-so-cool stories!


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