I just read a most inspirational post by dear friend and talented writer, Lori Nawyn. You have to read it, especially if you too get swamped by chicken-house-itis like I do.

“Who would want to read my thoughts,” I muse all too consistently to myself. Recently I’d written to a friend that sometimes I feel overwhelmed with lack of self-esteem.

So why is it I find myself privately writing again and again yet another story, yet another chapter in yet another book. I was just telling my husband yesterday that I think I average about 5000 words a week!

But I tuck all this privately away, as if I’m ashamed – much as Lori described. Why? Personally I seem to believe that none of it really would make a difference.

The timing of her post is interesting, given my recent decision to just ignore the icky voice that taunts me and my writing. So thank you, Lori. No more henhouse for me! :0)




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  1. Cindy, your words do make a great difference, you have remarkable insights and posses the ability to touch hearts in a way no one else can.Keep up the good work — glad to hear you’re coming out of the henhouse! The lives of those who read your words will certainly be blessed!

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