Flying the Wrong Direction

This morning while driving home after seminary (yes, I get to teach seminary to some of the Lord’s terrific youth), I watched a bird fly at odds against his partners. While most were flying towards the rising sun, this insistent bird flew at a direct angle across their path.

To my astonishment, he not only nearly clipped a fellow bird once but in all total, three times! I watched, amazed that he would come so close to injuring his fellow birds.

I mused on the singularity of that scene. Birds are known for flying in “flocks” (or whatever the scientific term is … you know a “gaggle” of geese, etc.). But this bird insisted in flying at odds with those around him. Not only was it alarming to watch, but it gave me great thought.

Do I do this? Do I ever get so insistent on doing things my own way that I nearly injure others … and myself?

It was something that stayed with me for some time … and still does.