Flying the Wrong Direction

This morning while driving home after seminary (yes, I get to teach seminary to some of the Lord’s terrific youth), I watched a bird fly at odds against his partners. While most were flying towards the rising sun, this insistent bird flew at a direct angle across their path.

To my astonishment, he not only nearly clipped a fellow bird once but in all total, three times! I watched, amazed that he would come so close to injuring his fellow birds.

I mused on the singularity of that scene. Birds are known for flying in “flocks” (or whatever the scientific term is … you know a “gaggle” of geese, etc.). But this bird insisted in flying at odds with those around him. Not only was it alarming to watch, but it gave me great thought.

Do I do this? Do I ever get so insistent on doing things my own way that I nearly injure others … and myself?

It was something that stayed with me for some time … and still does.


3 thoughts on “Flying the Wrong Direction

  1. Or to look at it from another angle, as LDS people we are to be in the world, but not of it. We don’t mindlessly follow the crowd or the ways of the world. We must stand up for our beliefs and do the right thing–fly the way the Lord leads us–regardless of the consequences. And when we fly against the group, as this bird did, even though it’s frightening and hazardous, the Lord protects us. Just a thought.

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