Now is a Great Time to Prepare!

“Now is a Great Time to Prepare!” is a line off the back cover of Emergency Essentials DVD, “Family Preparedness Plan.” I’d ordered the DVD with some other emergency prep items. It came this week and I sat down to watch the 30 minute video tonight.

Although the emergencies discussed in the video could overwhelm me, I’m choosing not to take that mental approach. The details in the video were great. It followed a simple outline:

  1. Self-Reliance
  2. Adaptability
  3. Step-By-Step Progress

While it was obvious that the video had been filmed some time ago (i.e. it referenced payphones), the information the DVD contained is excellent. I’ve ordered a copy for each distant family member.

It’s just like they said on the DVD: when you are prepared you “shall not fear.” I too want to be able to “sleep while the wind blows” (as per the story told in the film). And this little DVD is the perfect thing to help me do so.

I’ve still got areas to finish in my emergency preparations. How ’bout you?


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