My New Personal Project

This has been on my mind for some time, but I’m just now getting around to it (shame on me :0).

A few months back I discovered that every issue of the Ensign magazine, since its initiation in January 1971, is now online. My new goal is to read every issue published — from Jan 1971 to current.

Yep, it’s a tall order. Yep, it may take me from now till the millennium to complete it. But I’m excited. There’s a part inside of me that is hungry for the gospel on a deeper level than I’ve yet known.

So I’ll be taking notes and recording them here in my “Seriously” blog. And why is it that we blog now (yes, this is a segue in topic)? It amazes me. Most people I know have 3-5 blogs, if not more. I write for several. It’s an odd thing …

I think it all means we were sent to earth to record, record, record our life’s journey. Talk about the records in heaven — there sure are a bunch now down here on earth! :0)

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