An Obligation to Create

We are inherently creative beings as humans. Whether we choose to create “good” or “evil” is another subject. What have you created today? I know that as a mother, I can create a kind mood–or unfortunately otherwise–by the type of look I send my child.

I have to remind myself that my presence in my family’s life and that of others is more potent than I might know or even want sometimes!

Artists are very similar. Whether their art is dance, sculpture or screenwriting, what they work on and leave for others can uplift or depress. As creative agents, their presence is more risky and more powerful than they might recognize.

As human beings, we all are artists in one fashion or another. We all arise in the morning and later retire, but what comes between those two points in time is awesome in impact. I ask again, what have you created today? It’s a terribly important question and one I frequently must ask of myself.