Winter Time, Winter Time, Winter Time…

Ahhh, I love snow. It’s been so long since I’ve lived in snow. Florida, where I’ve lived for the last twelve years, now seems like a dream since my family and I moved to the west. The cold may get old eventually, but there are always purposes for cold.

Take garlic bulbs, for example. They will not yield their healing properties without having over-wintered in the cold ground of this frigid time. Tulips will not spring forth in glorious blooms without having been imprisoned in the freezing dirt of the same season.

Sometimes I think creativity is the same. Without experiencing austere conditions, how can we write with depth? How can we paint with emotion? How can we dance with feeling evident all the way down through our toes?

Yes, sometimes I get tired of the cold…in more ways than one. Yet that is when I wonder if I’m rejecting an artist’s most potent friend. Art of any kind becomes more resiliant, more whole, more real when its artist has faced cold at least once in a lifetime.


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