2009 is here!

2009 is here.

That can be a frightening statement. It lays before me like unexplored compost.

I had a dream the other night where I was surrounded by dark dung. It covered every surface. Its dried and crusty depths repulsed me. But then in the midst of its unyielding blackness, globes of light began to spring forth. They rose and shown illustriously over acres and acres of surfaces. Exponentially seedlings began bursting out of the dull ground, throwing off the oppressive blankets of smelly gloom.

Soon enough I was surrounded by the most glorious colors imaginable, vegetation and blossoms all around me, spilling out farther and farther flung towards mountains in the distance until it was all one blanket of vivid hue.

Then I woke up.

So yes, as I ponder yet another year of life, I realize the significance of 2009. Will it be a year of dung or a year of tumultuous color, made beautiful by the oppressive years of painful pasts? Not just for me, but for all mankind.

I’d say it’s time we all become farmers, using the dung of painful choices from others’ hands to create gardens of life and color and joy. Time to get creating!

The snow is all gone…

The snowfall is all gone. And so are the piled up heaps of snow in our lawn. Those heaps of snow were pretty, but the heaps in store parking lots were not. They were filthy and looked like coal. Probably because the city here doesn’t use salt to prevent skidding on snowy, iced roads. Instead, they appear to use dirt. Thus, the snow in the main areas begins to lose its beauty fairly fast. :0)

It’s all new to my kids, though, so it’s fun to watch their faces!

The Tunnel

Creativity is a bit like hiking through a tunnel. The darkness can be overwhelming when we first venture forth into its narrow chamber, especially if it’s a long tunnel. But if we trust our feet to keep moving and follow the sense of the air moving past us, we eventually travel the length of the tunnel and arrive back in the sun.

The moving air knows the way out is forward. The creative process requires the movement.