OK, have you had this happen? You’re looking for a recipe site and what you click on…well, ewww. Let’s not describe the site, but needless to say, it was repulsive. In a word: it was porn.

I just found an excellent article on a great search engine called “K9”. My family uses it and knows how well it works. Best of all, it’s free. But you don’t have to take my word for it! Here’s another blogger, Rachelle Christensen, who also loves that program.

Why wait till your kids accidentally stumble across a pornography site? Or you? All it can take is one exposure to start something that is difficult to stop. Here is K9’s official site. Get it today. Install it today. Make a difference.

And here are two more resources to help you understand the situation:
LDS Resources to Stop Pornography on the Web
Healing from Pornography Addition


2 thoughts on “Ewwwwwwww….

  1. The trouble with some of these programs is they don’t know the difference between a naked body and a naked statue. When I was researching for a book on Rome and Greece, I couldn’t get to some of the sites I needed to visit because of the nude statues. Grrr. Does this one do that?

  2. So true, Karlene! The really cool thing about K9 is that it allows you to correct its attempt at protection. You can permanently add–in very simple fashion–the sites it “barked” at to your allowed list. I really like this package. Best part of all, it’s free. And seriously, it even has a cute sound you can turn on (if you had kids) that will bark if they hit a bad site.But I know what you’re saying. Right now I have on a different computer Kaspersky Internet Security, and it won’t let me add safe sites easily. Still haven’t figured that out. That’s why I like K9. Very simple to use.Of course, no program is perfect. And kids WILL be at other places w/o these kinds of aids. So we need to teach in a variety of ways. Too bad there are people in the world getting their jollies out of creating this stuff in the first place!

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