Interview with author, Stacy Anderson

Feeling like life is tough? Tired of trying? Well, here’s a book you may want to pick up at your local bookstore or online at Life is Tough – I Doubt I’ll Make It Out Alive. And the author is one of the nicest, most humble people you could ever meet. Life is Tough – I Doubt I’ll Make It Out Alive has been called “A great funny journey called motherhood!” I promise you that when you read all 28 mini-chapters it will have been well worth your time. Enjoy getting to know Stacy Anderson, mother of four sons and author of The Santa Letters.

C.S.: Stacy, tell us a little bit about yourself.

STACY: Oh I’m your average run-of-the-mill supermom who descales showers with a single sponge, slows speeding teens with the nod of a finger and stops bedwetting with the use of training pants. I have four boys, am OCD when it comes to a clean house, I hate to iron and love wash and wear. I also do the best I can with what I’ve been given on any single day and if I can be used as an instrument in the hand’s of the Lord for blessing the lives of others, that is my icing on life’s cake!

C.S.: You’ve said it best right there when you said, “I…do the best I can with what I’ve been given.” Your book, The Santa Letters, was a huge hit, but now you have a new book that has come out. Describe it a bit for us.

STACY: In a nutshell, it is life’s lessons learned though laughter. If I hadn’t learned how to laugh and temper the tears, I’d be toast by now. Each chapter is a life lesson followed by a funny story that illustrates that lesson.

C.S.: When did the kernel of the idea for this book first come to you?

STACY: I really began it when my father was diagnosed with cancer at age 59. He was a man whose life had always been centered around service and he felt very useless when he was tied to tubes during his chemo and radiation treatments.

He’d always taught us how to learn much, laugh hard and love well. I wanted him to know that he’d done a good job with us and reached his objective so I captured all of the lessons I’d learned and our family stories, write them up and take them up to him to edit. He would laugh and share the stories to help others laugh which helped them all get through those treatments.

I never intended on it being published, but before he died, he made me promise I’d seek publication telling me that in today’s world, people needed to remember how to laugh. Five years to the day fo his passing, it came out.

C.S.: That’s very touching, Stacy. You’ve taken something very difficult and turned it into something to bless others. Tell me, though, why do you write?

STACY: I write because my patriarchal blessing tells me to develop the talents given to me so that I may bless the lives of my family and benefit the world around me. When I write honestly and openly, people connect with those words and come to find hope, inspiration and sometimes a bit of laughter while understanding they are not alone.

C.S.: Thus you were told to develop talents. When did you first discover the desire to write, expanding that talent?

STACY: Having always had a rather soft voice, I got drowned out by the noise of my brothers and others who were more boisterous. My desire to write was kindled when I was in grade school and a teacher entered one of my pieces in a literary contest. When I won, I truly understood the power of the pen and words and that is how I found my voice – the voice that could be heard.

C.S.: That is beautiful, Stacy. What kind of schedule do you follow? You are a busy women, yet you’ve had two books come out within one year of each other! And both quite different from each other.

STACY: I get my family off in the mornings, get myself together and then head for my office. I am usually down there until the kids come home from school. I do take intermediate breaks for housecleaning, laundry and other stuff when I need to mull a scene, plotline or get into a character’s head.

C.S.: What do you hope people gain from Life is Tough – I Hope I Make It Out Alive?

STACY: That although life is Tough, it is full of priceless moments that add up to the trip of a lifetime!!!

C.S.: What project or manuscript are you working on currently?

STACY: Once I get done promoting this one, I have another Christmas book coming out this fall (The Legend of the Star) so I will have a bit of time to finish up The Inamte Letters – the companion book to The Santa Letters – before having to do promotions on that one.

C.S.: What words of advice do you have for those who are discouraged and are struggling to stay on top of things?

STACY: Don’t insist on perfectionism, or insanity will become your new best friend. Besides there is only one person who walked the face of the Earth who was perfect and He gladly paved the way so we could happily (and in my case – most gratefully) stumble behind.

C.S: Any final thoughts?

STACY: I think my dad said it best when he admonished us to learn much, laugh often and love VERY well! And mix it all with a generous helping of gratitude…

C.S.: Where can readers go to find your books, especially Life is Tough – I Doubt I’ll Make It Out Alive?

STACY: It’s on, at Barnes and Noble, Seagull, Borders, and Deseret Book.

I’d like to thank Stacy for taking the time to chat with us about her life, her latest book Life is Tough – I Doubt I’ll Make It Out Alive, and her future projects. I love people who seek to bless the lives of others. Stacy is definitely one of those. You would do well to visit her website, learn more about her efforts, and add her books to your family’s library.


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