Believe in the Flashes

Ever have flashes of insights? You know, those tiny “ah ha” moments that stroke your mind and then are gone?

To succeed in your goals, your dreams, your visions of life, you must (we repeat, must) pay attention to those fleeting insights.

Do you have a journal? Good (if not, go get one today). Keep your journal close by. Record each evening any flash of understanding, insight, or idea that came to you during the day. Better yet, keep an index card in your wallet for such recordings–so you can do them in the moment.

Trust us. Recording those flashes of understanding, insights or ideas will bring you more. And more is what you need if you are to succeed.

We’ll talk in the future about following through with these insights to greatness and success–which usually take the shape of hard work and effort. Your pathway to your dreams will be lined with these. Get them down. Record them in your journal (or an index card). Trust us. It will make all the difference.


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