Music is Not just for Tuesdays

Music matters. More than I even realize sometimes. And perhaps for those who walk past society’s gates — with earbuds-in-ears-iPod-on-hip — do those music lovers fully comprehend the absolute splendor and power that music potentially provides us? (Not the heavy, cell-scrambling, pounding beats some prefer.)

Do any of us?

Yet this is the reason I compose. This is the reason I’ve always loved the sonorous nature of sound. There are just some things that words fail to portray. For example, how can words fully convey the depth of anguish of losing a child, the hurt of betrayal from a dear friend, etc., etc., etc. Yet musical tones can come so close to plumbing the depths of human emotion!

True, there are lyrics which describe scenarios, stories, settings — all can trigger deep feelings. But I like what the composer Satie used to describe as ‘furniture music.’ He spoke of music that supported your life, without calling attention to itself. This is my goal I suppose as I compose, my goal in all I write.

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