They Are Not Less Because You Are More

Sometimes we hold back in achieving our worthwhile dreams because of shame. We worry that if we are “more” others will feel like less. How urgent to destroy than that thought.

The world needs your work. The world needs what you have to offer. You solve nothing by being less than you are.

We need you to unfold your life’s work. So remember, the next time you feel “If I shine, will it make others feel badly?” the answer is a resounding “NO!”

Yes, sometimes people filter others’ success through dark, icky glasses. But will you solve their problems by remaining in your tiny cubby hole of life? No.

Just think: by you being willing to step into the sunlight and then to reflect it into the lives of others, you may wake up some sleeping soul who was afraid to shine. All because you realized that others are not less because you are more.

So many people waiting, needing you to shine for them. It’s not trite; it’s true.


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