The Lord’s Voice for Times of Poverty

Found this in Haggai (Old Testament) yesterday and I found it so interesting, given the current economic conditions:

Ye have asown much, and bring in little; ye beat, but ye have not enough; ye drink, but ye are not filled with drink; ye clothe you, but there is none warm; and he that cearneth wages earneth dwages to put it into a bag with eholes

As I think about the economic conditions found in the world, this scripture seems very fitting as I read and re-read the verse.

What does the Lord’s ancient prophet say about severe economic conditions? The answers are in Haggai 1: Value the temple. Build temples. Attend temples. Make of ourselves clean and holy people. And then God can bless, as He always delights to do so.

Haggai 1 and 2 are very illuminating chapters from the Old Testament about economic difficulties and their sources. (Thus, perhaps, President Hunter’s recommendation back a few decades when he desired that every Latter-day Saint be temple worthy and have a current temple recommend…even if the temple were a long distance away.)

Maybe we all need to attend the temple doubly often. If we — due to distance — attend currently once a year, perhaps we could double that to twice a year. If we attend monthly, perhaps we could attend twice a month. Weekly? Maybe we could step that up a bit also.

I know that the Lord’s promises are sure. I tell the EFY kids that I speak to at EFYs the following little thought (and I reference it over and over again): God Keeps His Promises!

May we do the same. As we return to Him, He will return to us. This is what I thought on as I read in Haggai yesterday. Maybe our nation as a whole won’t, but we certainly can. ( See the reference in Genesis about Sodom!)

My little family is focusing on this tiny expression:

FAITH = trust.

In other words, faith simply means we trust God’s truths. That’s why faith is really trust in action.

OK, done musing on all this. I just was really struck by the economic principles contained in this ancient prophet’s words, spoken to a people who had become cavalier towards the importance of the Lord’s house.


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