Stop Waiting for Others to Rescue You

Have you seen one of those old-fashioned, silent films? You know the kind. The black-and-white movies where the girl always seems to end up tied to the railroad track, with the train chugging and puffing closer and closer?

Her wide-eyed looks and gawking mouth are silly by today’s movie standards. But the message is a serious one. The question it poses is two-fold:

1.Do you allow yourself to get tied to dangerous train tracks?

2. Do you wait for others to rescue you?

If so, stop. It’s that straight-forward. You may need to find help, whether from friends or a professional counselor. But you are worth too much to be waiting for someone else to come rescue you. You have the power.

So, if this applies to you, stop waiting for others to rescue you. Don’t be like one of those silly black-and-white movie melodramas. It isn’t worthy of you. We promise.


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