The Treasure Is Already There

Have you heard the expression, “The treasure already is in your backyard?” The saying originates from many themes, including some interesting scriptures, but the point is: you already have what you need to make a successful go of your dreams.

“Ah, but I don’t!” you might cry.

Perhaps. But most times, if a person stops to think really hard and look around, they discover the resources they were looking for are already within their grasp.

A study once was done in which people were asked what they would do if they won a million bucks. The study showed that, on average, most of the answers were already something the person could choose to start that day.

For example, many people said they would write a book. Bingo. Something they could already be doing. Some people said, “Take a vacation.” Bingo. Something they could already choose to do, even if only a “stay-cation” where the person takes the day off and stays in their own city to see the sights.

So much of what limits us is purely our thinking. You may indeed have what you already need to get started on your dream. What is it? Take some time to journal about it and enjoy discovering that your goal-achieving is probably simpler than you might have thought.


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