A Slap in the Face

I received a slap in the face today. From a quote. Not a real slap. But I think that sometimes it is these kinds of “wake up” slaps that do us more good than anything else in this life. I’ve always wanted to be open to learning better ways of doing things. Better that than sitting defensively in some corner with fingers in ears!

Here’s the quote:

“That individual who has an opportunity to educate his children and does not, is not worthy to have children” – Brigham Young, as quote by David O. McKay in Pathways to Happiness, p. 181.

For me, this isn’t just turning my children over to some school system and calling it done…for powerful learning is far more than that. Proper education is a full gambit of learning…not just the three Rs of Reading, wRiting and aRithmetic. Children need so much to strengthen them for life in today’s quixotic world.

I was reminded today with this quote just how much that is true. For me, Brigham Young’s quote resonated with an urgency I’ve felt recently to give my full attention to the children God gave me.

Time with them is so fleeting.

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