Practice, Practice, Practice

Just got back a little bit ago from my daughter’s voice lessons. I’ve sung professionally and it’s been a treat to sit in on her lessons. I love her voice teacher.

Today my daughter had an hour lesson, in lieu of her normal 30 minutes. And wow, was she exhausted by the time she was finished…this is how excellent her lessons are. True singing can very easily be compared to fine athletics. Complete focus, engaged musculature, etc.

What a treat it was to sit there, observing, and then accompanying her for a time at the piano while the teacher worked with her further. And it reminded me of something I read over at Sally Evans “Embracing Creativity” blog. She spoke of how good practice is simply teaching the body good habits, thereby getting rid of bad habits. And it takes effort.

I thought during the lesson how true this is. A lifetime, even for a youth, can be full of sloppy habits when it comes to singing. Nothing but focused efforts can replace lazy muscles with energized ones that contribute to beautiful sound. And again it takes effort, effort, effort. Which is why my daughter came home tonight fatigued. :0)

But wow, the sound coming out of her mouth by the end of the lesson. She was glad to be done, but I was thrilled to have been present to see the effect of practice, practice, practice. (Which applies to nearly every other category of life.)

[P.S. Here is a link to Sally Evans’ blog. It’s fun to read and full of great things to muse on for days.]

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