The Arduous Task of Scoring

I’ve been quiet. Not just because there is so much going on and I’ve not had much time to blog here, but because to be quiet means you notice your surroundings. I’ve been trying that.

For example, the other day I chose to walk without an iPod. Yah, I know. Astonishing. But when was the last time you walked with nothing but the earth to listen to? It’s a pretty astonishing experience and one I’ve found just recently.

And yes, then there’s the arduous task of scoring music. That requires time, time in which everything else needs to be silenced. I’ve always found it a bit difficult to dive into the inner essence of music if there is a hubbub in the background.

But my project for this year? To score every piece of music I’ve composed – at least those worthy of others’ ears – and make them available for free download in PDF form. So keep posted.That way you can know when they first start appearing and where.

In the interim, you’ll know where I’ll be…trying to keep myself quiet so I can listen to the sonorous quality of life here on earth. It makes for better music, you know. :0)


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