Food Combining Rocks!

Have you heard about food combining? It’s the science of digestive enzymes up-close-and-personal. :0)

In other words, fruits need different enzymes to be digested than, say, proteins. Here is an excellent explanation of the techy stuff behind it all. Kind of cool, don’t you think?

As to other news, I’m finalizing the balancing of the meal plans in my current manuscript, a cookbook! I’m totally psyched. I’ve had this manuscript on my computer for a long time, working on it throughout the years, combining the research I’ve combed through to find the healthiest possible meals plans for you and for your family!

I may or may not mention the cookbook specifically in future posts. But as I come across additional research to verify my approaches throughout the cookbook, I’ll be sharing them here with you! (And maybe some samplings of healthy, yet oh-so-tasty, recipes.)

Bon appetit!


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