Blogging to Resume Soon

Life is funny. Just when you think you know the “picture”, it changes. I still (obviously) really miss my mom who died unexpectedly in surgery. My blogging still continues to be a little sketchy at this point. At some point I’ll be more ready to pick up things again. After all, life must go on for those of us who are still here learning how to love and get along. Lots of life still to experience; lots of memories still to create. And I’ve found so much that “joie de vivre”  can occur in the family kitchen. So at some point I’ll be more actively blogging and wanting to start including–from time to time–food-type activities to share with your family. Why? Because life is short. And food is fun. Why not combine the two and make memories for a lifetime.

And again, hug those you love. Life is shorter than we expect.