The Benefits of…What?!

Now, don’t wrinkle your nose. This stuff actually rocks. It’s called Rejuvelac and once you understand what this amazing juice does for your health, I think you’ll be sold for the rest of your life. And rather than pay big bucks for “health food,” you make this at home. Here are a couple of links for you to go to and try out their approach. But seriously, I think you’ll love HOW you feel once you have consumed this for a while. And it’s so straightforward to make.

Have fun experimenting and getting healthy. Because as you know, health makes everything much more enjoyable!

A Computer That Can See Into the Future

Now here’s a juicy one…and it sounds just like a movie. A computer that can see into the future? A perfect seed of an idea for a novel plot.

Read the article and then start musing. What kind of twists could you throw at it? What would be the danger? What would be the benefits? Who would be the characters? Where would be the flaws? Where’s the greed? (There’s always greed, right?)


Beginning Next Week…

I’m ready to start sharing the research and fun that I’ve been having exploring new ways of eating that bring health, taste, and joy. Is it possible? I think so. In fact, I know so after having been enjoying fresh ways of incorporating the greens and produce that flourishes on this earth.

Periodically I’ll be sharing information I’ve stumbled across that I think you’ll find intriguing … and amazingly easy to incorporate into your daily life. Just think of the health that can be coming your way!