Oooh, Time to Start Making Our Own (Date) Sugar!

OK, not exactly about writing, but still. This is a wee bit scary. Check out this link to information on artificial sweeteners… and then go hunting through your kitchen cupboards for ingredient lists. Do you have any of these artificial sweeteners in foods you feed your family?

You might want to think twice about purchasing “goodies” in the future that may not be so good for you? Just a thought. I do know that it takes time to translate a healthy approach into actual living. That’s why the blog. As I research and find things that can make a difference, I want to share them with you!

So here is a simple way to substitute date sugar for prefabricated white sugar. Did you know that at one point in the 1800s sugar was outlawed for a tiny bit of time, because it was believed it was so awful for a person? Did you know that homemade date sugar can be substituted for regular sugar, and yet it will give you fiber and iron and all kinds of other nutrients…all the while sweetening your baked dishes?

Do know that date sugar won’t dissolve in water like regular sugar. So it doesn’t work for all things. But it works great in most baked items, hot cereals, and smoothies. Here are some links to several sites with more information and how to make your own. Just think of the health you begin capturing by making tiny switches like this one!


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