A New Ice Age?

It’s not just every day a funky story like this comes along. In fact, it’s been since 2008 scientists have noticed and predicted an ever decreasing amount of sun spots (eventually to slow and then reverse).

To most ham radio enthusiasts, this normally dry subject causes ears to prick, because sun spot activity impacts ham radio transmissions (among other things).

To hungry novelists, just think how these scientific studies stir a writer’s blood to contemplate the many possibilities this “1000+-year-typical-weather-cycle” adds to an already intense story line. Most serious scientists now are predicting that in 20-30 years, the cold apparently will be so intense there will be global food shortage, potentially causing mass societal upheaval (I add: unless everyone started obtaining food storage…like, uh, now).

Here’s the link. Whether you write science fiction or not, pop by the site, read the reports, and imagine the story possibilities this provides for your next (or current) novel! http://www.spaceandscience.net/id4.html