About C.S. Bezas

I remember playing with words even as a small child. I loved how they rolled around my mouth. I also toyed like crazy with sentence structure and emphasis. It amazed me that pushing one word harder could change the meaning of a sentence from “I’m going to the store” to “I’m going to the store.” That kind of nuance fascinated me.

Later as a new teenager, instead of exploring dangerous territories (well, maybe a dictionary is a dangerous territory?), I would sit in my room for hours and read Webster’s. How could there be this many words? What did they all mean? Words like “sycee” and “lithosol” and “hermeneutical” held deep fascination. To my little mind, they held the secrets to the mysteries of life (although the character “Mathemagician” in Norton Juster’s The Phantom Tolbooth would disagree … ).

My writing has taken a delightfully circuitous route. Not only enthralled with words, I am also a composer and am fascinated with sound and its impact. Through the years I have experimented both with writing and composing. My initial efforts were aimed at stage productions. I had done much theater through the years as an actress and vocalist, so it was a natural evolution to write plays and musicals. I wanted to touch peoples’ lives. I wanted to leave them different than they were when they first sat down in the theater.

This ability to move people became paramount for me as I wrote. Whether through song or through spoken word, I wanted others to know that hope is a real emotion. But as you know, hope does not glimmer its brightest shade without exposure to the darkest colors of suffering. Thus, my productions weren’t necessarily upbeat, but they were important in what they wrought. I could see the joy in audience members’ faces as they left.

From there, I branched out into poetry, with my poems being accepted for inclusion in different publications. After that, I began writing for both online and print media, and have hundreds of articles in print. My music has been recorded on an acoustic piano CD for use in therapeutic settings. Eventually this brought me to my book, Powerful Tips for Powerful Teachers. It is a book to help adults understand teens in life-changing ways. I have several novels in the works, in addition to other non-fiction pieces nearing completion. I continue to teach creativity workshops and privately coach writers in the creativity process. My degree is in Communications, with an emphasis in developing training programs and human resource development.

That is why I continue to encourage all to find the creativity within. Have you found what makes you you? Are you unhappy writing in your current genre? Do you want your musical to move people? Or are you just beginning to write and want to know how to finish your first book? That is the purpose for this blog. Keep coming back to visit. Enjoy the simple tips. Find the creativity within and use it to bless the lives of others. For that will bring satisfaction to your path and brighten life’s days for others.

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