There Are Some Seasons…

When pursuing your goals, it is important to remember how nature works.

Spring brings seed-planting.
Summer brings intense sunshine.
Fall brings the harvest.
Winter brings quiet dark moments, which help tulips eventually to bloom…signifying spring is here and the cycle is ready to begin again.

Don’t get out of cycle. Don’t expect the winter of your life to bring forth beautiful blooms. It won’t work. In all projects, there are times of impasse, times of quiet, times in which growth does not occur.

Again, there are some people who do try to work out of season. They demand evidence of goals working, they insist on seeing fruit before it’s time.

Are you doing this with your goals? Because if so, it will lead to frustration.

Instead, simply go to work each day. Work on your dream, your goal, your desire. And surely as surely the sun rises each day, the seed you plant and water and feed will one day grow. Its bloom may be lavender instead of pink, but the flower and fruit you receive will be well worth the wait.

Remembering the power of seasons and nature’s natural cycle, and you’ll be more patient and more consistent in your efforts to bring your dreams to fruition!

Yes, yes…

Yes, I admit it. Life flurries and then I post. Life flurries and then I post. But it’s all good. I’ve been hibernating and working on several very large projects. In essence, I’m going through a complete renovation of my creative processes during all of the upheaval. And soon I’ll be ready to talk about the news of it all!

Your Best Creative Energy…

Here is another terrific quote from the First Presidency message in January 1971:

“Are you devoting your best creative energy to the most important unit in society–the family?” (Ensign, Jan 1971)

This can be a painful choice for an artist in any field. Most people drawn to the arts already have locked up within them the essential ability to hunker down and hibernate during creative sessions. I know for myself, it can be painful to draw my head above water and take a breath. I enjoy being submerged in fluid creativity, only barely registering the “glub, blug, glub” of people talking to me above my little pond.

And yet, here it is. A quote from nearly 40 years ago reminding me that I am to be a mother before and beyond any other artistic endeavor on this earth.