Careful…Your Thoughts Are Showing

Have you ever seen a baby scowl? Everyone in the room knows what he is thinking!

 Some of us adults think we hide our emotions. But whereas our faces may not show the scowl, the fruits of our efforts do.

What does this mean?

Let’s analyze a figurative writer. We’ll call her Eva. Eva desires to write a novel. She sits down on January 1 and types up a title to her work. She tries to write a few paragraphs, grows frustrated with the beginning sentence, and shoves the work aside until January 2.

January 2 she shows up at her desk, ready to create. But then the stupid character on the third page just won’t behave. Eva throws her pencil across the room and storms to the kitchen for a soda. Complaining to her roommate, she decides to go buy some twinkies.

March 14 she finally shows back up at her writing desk. By then, she’s tired of even thinking she’s a writer, wads up the three pages of her “novel”, bites them hard with her teeth…just to show them who is boss…and then flushes them down the toilet.

Thought precedes action. What do Eva’s actions expose about what she was thinking, about the internal self-talk she allowed?

Let’s look at another figurative writer. We’ll call her Cassidy. Cassidy also starts a novel on January 1 and consistently writes on it every Saturday. She completes it on December 31 of that year.

What were the differences? Cassidy too struggled with that idiot character on the third page. She hated the plot impasses she periodically encountered. But she didn’t give up. Why?

It all comes down to the invisible stories we tell ourselves ABOUT us, about our project, about our ability to do and work through/past hard things. Babies’ faces show what they think; our results show what we think.

Ever heard, “If you think you can, you’re right. If you think you can’t, you’re right”?

Cassidy kept on writing. Why? Because the stories she was telling herself ABOUT HERSELF were different than Eva’s internal feedback or self-talk.

What are the thoughts you tell yourself when you hit an impasse or a roadblock to a goal you were working on? It is important you decipher this, because it will make all the difference in whether you choose to be an Eva or a Cassidy.

Do you tell yourself that challenges are too much a bother to deal with? Or do you tell yourself that challenges are simply a part of life and you can’t wait to work through them so you can get to the other side?

People may be able to hide what they’re feeling by showing a passive face. But just remember this: your thoughts are eventually made transparent by whether or not you gave up on your goals.

(Hmmm. Do you self-talk in downbeat or upbeat ways? It will make all the difference whether you will achieve your goals or not. This just might be worth  taking some time to journal about!)

There Are Some Seasons…

When pursuing your goals, it is important to remember how nature works.

Spring brings seed-planting.
Summer brings intense sunshine.
Fall brings the harvest.
Winter brings quiet dark moments, which help tulips eventually to bloom…signifying spring is here and the cycle is ready to begin again.

Don’t get out of cycle. Don’t expect the winter of your life to bring forth beautiful blooms. It won’t work. In all projects, there are times of impasse, times of quiet, times in which growth does not occur.

Again, there are some people who do try to work out of season. They demand evidence of goals working, they insist on seeing fruit before it’s time.

Are you doing this with your goals? Because if so, it will lead to frustration.

Instead, simply go to work each day. Work on your dream, your goal, your desire. And surely as surely the sun rises each day, the seed you plant and water and feed will one day grow. Its bloom may be lavender instead of pink, but the flower and fruit you receive will be well worth the wait.

Remembering the power of seasons and nature’s natural cycle, and you’ll be more patient and more consistent in your efforts to bring your dreams to fruition!

Teamwork Succeeds. Renegade Burns Out.

It’s a funny thing about life. When we shut loved ones out of our heart–whether from being hurt or from being angry–we close the door on some of the most important aid we can receive in this life.
As 2010 begins, it would be an important activity for you to find a quiet place and ponder the relationships in your life…and which ones you want to build during this coming year.

We’re not talking about toxic relationships. No, we want you to ponder on who the three most valued people are in your life, and then analyze the health of the relationship. Is there something you can do to improve it?

Remember: teamwork for anything will succeed when people are “on the job” looking out for others’ successes, in addition to his or her own. Being a renegade–someone who insists on going it alone–leads to burn out and loneliness.

Now that January is here, here’s a simple suggestion. Pull out your journal and write down the names of three people who matter most to you. As you work through 2010 toward your dreams, make sure you are building relationships long with your success goals and dreams acquisitions.

For, don’t you want to share your future “having arrived” with someone?

Did You Know…

Did you know that as you aid others toward their dreams, yours are more likely to appear?

There seems to be something about serving others in quiet ways that is the real deal. No joke. We read recently about a study that assessed the health boost in observers when another person chose to be kind to a stranger.

We are all connected in myriads of ways. So on your path to your personal success, make sure to share some of that success along the way by helping someone today!

They Are Not Less Because You Are More

Sometimes we hold back in achieving our worthwhile dreams because of shame. We worry that if we are “more” others will feel like less. How urgent to destroy than that thought.

The world needs your work. The world needs what you have to offer. You solve nothing by being less than you are.

We need you to unfold your life’s work. So remember, the next time you feel “If I shine, will it make others feel badly?” the answer is a resounding “NO!”

Yes, sometimes people filter others’ success through dark, icky glasses. But will you solve their problems by remaining in your tiny cubby hole of life? No.

Just think: by you being willing to step into the sunlight and then to reflect it into the lives of others, you may wake up some sleeping soul who was afraid to shine. All because you realized that others are not less because you are more.

So many people waiting, needing you to shine for them. It’s not trite; it’s true.

Believe in the Flashes

Ever have flashes of insights? You know, those tiny “ah ha” moments that stroke your mind and then are gone?

To succeed in your goals, your dreams, your visions of life, you must (we repeat, must) pay attention to those fleeting insights.

Do you have a journal? Good (if not, go get one today). Keep your journal close by. Record each evening any flash of understanding, insight, or idea that came to you during the day. Better yet, keep an index card in your wallet for such recordings–so you can do them in the moment.

Trust us. Recording those flashes of understanding, insights or ideas will bring you more. And more is what you need if you are to succeed.

We’ll talk in the future about following through with these insights to greatness and success–which usually take the shape of hard work and effort. Your pathway to your dreams will be lined with these. Get them down. Record them in your journal (or an index card). Trust us. It will make all the difference.

Who is the Intensely Inspired Guide?

INTENSE: existing in large degree, deeply felt

GUIDE: something that provides a person with guiding information

So who is “the Intense Guide”?

Actually, it is you. Believe it or not, you have everything wrapped up perfectly inside of you, just waiting to help you find your dreams. This little website exists simply to help you find what you already possess.You have dreams, talents, passions, insights, and desires that no-one else has. Come back often. Read our little tidbits of inspiration. Enjoy the process. Because the world needs you and your talents today.

And once you have found your passion, your platform, the process begins again…because then you become the intensely inspired guide for another!