Generosity is Key

Have you ever noticed how the earth spontaneously offers of itself? Water flows, breezes blow, plants grow.

Some people are similar. Watch them, for they usually are the ones with great prosperity. Just what is it about generosity that tends to open the floodgate of abundance?

It is a topic worth studying this year. Watch for the people who seem most times to have a smile on their lips. What is it they are doing in their consistent activities? What generates that glow?

If you are to succeed in your goals this year, it will be important that you study those you feel are successful. We’re not talking the unhappy ones who may have ascended some metallic career ladder, but who are miserable and yell not just with their voices but with their habits, bodies, approaches.

No, find the people who are at peace. What makes them tick? Watch them. What you learn may astonish you as they move throughout humanity, blessing the lives of others. Generosity very nearly always is at the heart of their efforts.

So as you analyze your goals for this year (you HAVE written them down, right?), be thinking about the parameter of generosity. Why is it so often the key to a happy life? And once you’ve discovered your answer, make sure to right it down…for your posterity’s sake.

For that is what a generous person would do, right? :0)