Wow, how the time has flown

I had taken a year’s sabbatical, following the impression that I’d received last summer that “now” was the time for family. In faith, I quit all extra activities. Three weeks after that impression, my mother passed away suddenly during surgery. She’d gone in to the hospital to have a tumor removed from her intestine…and bled out during surgery. Total shock.

Moral of the story? Always listen to the impressions that lead you to do good things.

Since that time, I have spent family time, family time, family time. Or at least tried to. And how glad I am. My oldest son just went into the Missionary Training Center yesterday. Talk about a day of mixed emotions! And yet, I have never in my life seen my son so happy.

I was looking at the pictures last night that I took immediately before he walked through the doors of the MTC, where he will be for 9 weeks learning the Slovak language and getting ready to fly to the Czech Prague mission. I will be posting more about his experiences (and ours here in the states) during the next two years (25 months, to be precise).

But in the interim, I’m glad to be back blogging. And these past months have shaped and will continue to shape the usage of the months ahead of me…for the rest of my life.

What e’er you do, do well your part. Isn’t that Shakespeare? And it rests heavily on my mind as I look back to the months since my mother’s passing–up till yesterday, where my son passed on to his new mission experience (and where I won’t see him for 2 years). There is no time like the present to love and hug those that matter most to you.

Time for a Sabbatical

A little belatedly I post that I have felt the need to take time off for family. Not sure why. I just sense it. So in trust and for this reason, I am stripping a lot of activities right now from my life. I wish you the best in your endeavors as you love those who matter most to you.

[ADDENDUM: My mother died in surgery 25 days after this post.]

Free Genealogy Classes

With all the new TV shows about family history research, now there are free online genealogy classes (such as reading German handwriting and other cool assortments)! More than 20 classes are offered–without charge. What a beautiful thing. The online genealogy workshops last from 6 minutes to nearly 30. Here is an article that explains where and how to find the classes. Check it out!

I’ve recently signed up with and am stunned how addicting all this is. OK, well, addicting is maybe the wrong word.  But still, it’s been so exhilarating to learn about my ancestors that it’s like . . . I dunno, exquisite chocolate or something. You just want more. :0)

Again, here is the link for more information on how to get started.


OK, have you had this happen? You’re looking for a recipe site and what you click on…well, ewww. Let’s not describe the site, but needless to say, it was repulsive. In a word: it was porn.

I just found an excellent article on a great search engine called “K9”. My family uses it and knows how well it works. Best of all, it’s free. But you don’t have to take my word for it! Here’s another blogger, Rachelle Christensen, who also loves that program.

Why wait till your kids accidentally stumble across a pornography site? Or you? All it can take is one exposure to start something that is difficult to stop. Here is K9’s official site. Get it today. Install it today. Make a difference.

And here are two more resources to help you understand the situation:
LDS Resources to Stop Pornography on the Web
Healing from Pornography Addition

First Snowfall

Moving from the tropics to snow country has been enlightening, to say the least. Frozen doors on the car that won’t open, shoveling driveways, temps down to 6 degrees…wow, it’s been so cool (no pun intended).

Seriously, it’s been a fun experience to shovel a driveway for the first time in my life. Although now I understand why a person would buy an expensive snow shovel…my cheapy $2 one from D.I. (used) has already cracked. Sigh. Guess I need to join the “big boys” and buy a really nice shovel to last out the winter.

My kids first exposure to snow came this October when a freak snowfall hit our area. My 13-year-old daughter cried out while holding the white fluffy stuff, “It feels like cotton!” Not sure why that paralleled for her, but it worked and I thought it adorable.

Your Best Creative Energy…

Here is another terrific quote from the First Presidency message in January 1971:

“Are you devoting your best creative energy to the most important unit in society–the family?” (Ensign, Jan 1971)

This can be a painful choice for an artist in any field. Most people drawn to the arts already have locked up within them the essential ability to hunker down and hibernate during creative sessions. I know for myself, it can be painful to draw my head above water and take a breath. I enjoy being submerged in fluid creativity, only barely registering the “glub, blug, glub” of people talking to me above my little pond.

And yet, here it is. A quote from nearly 40 years ago reminding me that I am to be a mother before and beyond any other artistic endeavor on this earth.

Message from the First Presidency, Jan 1971

I’ve started on my journey mentioned below of reading every Ensign published since the magazine’s beginning in January 1971. As I did so today, I was touched by the quote on the inside of the flap:

“My dear brothers and sisters: This is a rare opportunity to reach members of the Church in this way. It is estimated that nearly 350,000 families will receive the first issue of our new adult magazine, the Ensign, and this recorded message.

“As you listen and read, may I remind you of just how important the family unit is in the overall plan of our Father in heaven. In fact, the Church organization really exists to assist the family and its members in reaching exaltation” (Joseph Fielding Smith, “Message from the First Presidency,” Ensign, Jan 1971, inside front cover).

Think on the times nearly 40 years ago when this was published. TV programs were tame, movies were too. X-rated media could only be obtained in the seediest of locations on the “wrong side” of town. So look at the prophetic nature of this message from the First Presidency of the church in 1971:

“Family unity and family commitment to the gospel are so important that the adversary has turned much of his attention to the destruction of families in our society. On every side there is an attack on the basic integrity of the family as the foundation of what is good and noble in life….As the forces of evil attack the individual by tearing away at his family roots, it becomes critical for Latter-day Saint parents….” (I’ll stop quoting here, but invite you to read the rest — it is an amazing message.)

Just think if every person reading that magazine had doubled their efforts to save the family of their generation! What impact would that have now one and two (and perhaps three) generations later? For those who stay tapped into what is happening at the U.N. and in other locations, the breakdown of the family has reached monumental proportions.