There Are Some Seasons…

When pursuing your goals, it is important to remember how nature works.

Spring brings seed-planting.
Summer brings intense sunshine.
Fall brings the harvest.
Winter brings quiet dark moments, which help tulips eventually to bloom…signifying spring is here and the cycle is ready to begin again.

Don’t get out of cycle. Don’t expect the winter of your life to bring forth beautiful blooms. It won’t work. In all projects, there are times of impasse, times of quiet, times in which growth does not occur.

Again, there are some people who do try to work out of season. They demand evidence of goals working, they insist on seeing fruit before it’s time.

Are you doing this with your goals? Because if so, it will lead to frustration.

Instead, simply go to work each day. Work on your dream, your goal, your desire. And surely as surely the sun rises each day, the seed you plant and water and feed will one day grow. Its bloom may be lavender instead of pink, but the flower and fruit you receive will be well worth the wait.

Remembering the power of seasons and nature’s natural cycle, and you’ll be more patient and more consistent in your efforts to bring your dreams to fruition!

Life Works…When You Work

It’s an expression that bears repeating again and again and again…

“Life works…when you work.”

Don’t be a quitter. Read some of the previous posts. Get a journal. Document your feelings. Set goals and review your previous journal entries.

Life really doesn’t have to be hard. Yes, there are setbacks. Those of us who work on this blog have experienced the death of a child, the repeated loss of jobs, betrayal of friends, tight budgets.

But none of that means we need nor should give up our dreams. In fact, it’s like writing exquisite poetry. Talk to any professional poet. Often they will tell you it is when they are writing to the tightest forms of poetry that their work shines the truest.

So no matter what you’ve faced in the past, you mustn’t give up. You can’t! The world needs you. We need you: your perspective, your creative works, your gifts, your talents.

When faced with despair or difficulty of the largest kind, please do remember this: life works when you work. And when you show up each day ready to at least try, THAT, my friend, is when the pain will ease and when you can find love and hope and balance once again.

Make Your Bed Each Day

We’re serious. Making your bed can be one of the most important things you do each day to achieve your goals. And it has nothing to do with the cleanliness of your bedroom (although that is a nice thing).

When you make your bed, you are in essence saying, “I am in charge of my life. I am not a quitter.”

On the days you’re tired and you make your bed, you’re saying, “Nothing gets me down, not even myself.”

On the days you’re angry and you make your bed, you’re saying, “That’s ok. This too shall pass.”

On the days you’re ready to give up on everything good, when you make your bed, you’re saying, “I still believe in tomorrow.”

You see, when you tidy one corner of your world, you are building the discipline muscles to tidy even the biggest parts of your universe.

Make your bed each day. Repeat aloud, “I am in charge. I still believe in tomorrow, because I’m taking care of today. I am not a quitter.”

Try it. You’ll like it.

The Treasure Is Already There

Have you heard the expression, “The treasure already is in your backyard?” The saying originates from many themes, including some interesting scriptures, but the point is: you already have what you need to make a successful go of your dreams.

“Ah, but I don’t!” you might cry.

Perhaps. But most times, if a person stops to think really hard and look around, they discover the resources they were looking for are already within their grasp.

A study once was done in which people were asked what they would do if they won a million bucks. The study showed that, on average, most of the answers were already something the person could choose to start that day.

For example, many people said they would write a book. Bingo. Something they could already be doing. Some people said, “Take a vacation.” Bingo. Something they could already choose to do, even if only a “stay-cation” where the person takes the day off and stays in their own city to see the sights.

So much of what limits us is purely our thinking. You may indeed have what you already need to get started on your dream. What is it? Take some time to journal about it and enjoy discovering that your goal-achieving is probably simpler than you might have thought.

What You Believe…You See

Have you seen the movie, Polar Express? If so, do you remember the scene where the little boy–who refuses to believe in Santa Claus–cannot hear the joyous bells ringing? The North Pole is full of elves and children who are giddy from the sonorous quality of Santa’s bells ringing…and this hard-hearted little boy is left out of all the joy.

Why? Because he had refused to believe anything. Finally, he realizes he needs to shift his thinking. It is only after he deliberately chooses to believe that he then can hear the bells.

Achieving goals is very similar to this. If you cannot believe in your goal, you will never hear its sonorous quality nor feel its reality in your hand. If you cannot envision the goal as really happening in your life, you won’t be able much to believe it will happen.

During this month of January, it is important that you take time each day to find a private place and imagine feeling the arrival of your current goals. Do you want a book contract? Then imagine feeling the paper contract in your hands, warm from being in the mailbox. Do you want a luxurious garden, but don’t know where to start? Then close your eyes and begin first with the smell. What fragrance comes to mind? What colors? Envision your garden complete and it will begin to take root within your soul.

Do this nightly and soon enough the steps toward helping your dreams become reality will begin to yield themselves to you. What you believe, you see. What you see, you believe…and then can achieve.

It may take some getting used to, but it is a very powerful tool to bring ethereal dreams into concrete reality!

Teamwork Succeeds. Renegade Burns Out.

It’s a funny thing about life. When we shut loved ones out of our heart–whether from being hurt or from being angry–we close the door on some of the most important aid we can receive in this life.
As 2010 begins, it would be an important activity for you to find a quiet place and ponder the relationships in your life…and which ones you want to build during this coming year.

We’re not talking about toxic relationships. No, we want you to ponder on who the three most valued people are in your life, and then analyze the health of the relationship. Is there something you can do to improve it?

Remember: teamwork for anything will succeed when people are “on the job” looking out for others’ successes, in addition to his or her own. Being a renegade–someone who insists on going it alone–leads to burn out and loneliness.

Now that January is here, here’s a simple suggestion. Pull out your journal and write down the names of three people who matter most to you. As you work through 2010 toward your dreams, make sure you are building relationships long with your success goals and dreams acquisitions.

For, don’t you want to share your future “having arrived” with someone?