There Are Some Seasons…

When pursuing your goals, it is important to remember how nature works.

Spring brings seed-planting.
Summer brings intense sunshine.
Fall brings the harvest.
Winter brings quiet dark moments, which help tulips eventually to bloom…signifying spring is here and the cycle is ready to begin again.

Don’t get out of cycle. Don’t expect the winter of your life to bring forth beautiful blooms. It won’t work. In all projects, there are times of impasse, times of quiet, times in which growth does not occur.

Again, there are some people who do try to work out of season. They demand evidence of goals working, they insist on seeing fruit before it’s time.

Are you doing this with your goals? Because if so, it will lead to frustration.

Instead, simply go to work each day. Work on your dream, your goal, your desire. And surely as surely the sun rises each day, the seed you plant and water and feed will one day grow. Its bloom may be lavender instead of pink, but the flower and fruit you receive will be well worth the wait.

Remembering the power of seasons and nature’s natural cycle, and you’ll be more patient and more consistent in your efforts to bring your dreams to fruition!

Life Works…When You Work

It’s an expression that bears repeating again and again and again…

“Life works…when you work.”

Don’t be a quitter. Read some of the previous posts. Get a journal. Document your feelings. Set goals and review your previous journal entries.

Life really doesn’t have to be hard. Yes, there are setbacks. Those of us who work on this blog have experienced the death of a child, the repeated loss of jobs, betrayal of friends, tight budgets.

But none of that means we need nor should give up our dreams. In fact, it’s like writing exquisite poetry. Talk to any professional poet. Often they will tell you it is when they are writing to the tightest forms of poetry that their work shines the truest.

So no matter what you’ve faced in the past, you mustn’t give up. You can’t! The world needs you. We need you: your perspective, your creative works, your gifts, your talents.

When faced with despair or difficulty of the largest kind, please do remember this: life works when you work. And when you show up each day ready to at least try, THAT, my friend, is when the pain will ease and when you can find love and hope and balance once again.

Along Those Lines

Along the lines of our last blog post (singing and swinging into your perfectly fitting “slippers”), remember this: Imitation is death.

Why is that? Well, many reasons…some thoughts of which you could share that would be better than the ones we might have. But when you are trying to imitate the life or the talents or the style of another individual, you are starving that which was meant to be born from within you!

Have you heard of the concept of “turgidity”? When a plant’s turgidity is high, it means it has ample fluid hydrating its cells. When the turgidity is low, it simply means the plant is desperately thirsting for water.

Have you been starving your life’s cells pining for the mission, life call, or talents of another? We submit that when you take time to journal each day about your life, about the abundances you choose to notice, and about the good things you do, you will begin to water and feed your own “plant.” Your emotional, social, spiritual, and physical turgidity will increase.

And that, my friend, is a very good place to be. So go get happenin’ with that plant water for your soul!

Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself. We do. It’s why we’ve created this website.

You are worth something. Perhaps more than you know. Why? Because you are part of humanity, and for all the awful choices some parts of history contain, there are individuals who have dug deep within themselves and found the best part of what it means to be a human being.

You know the kind. Mother Theresa and others who shone by their good works and kind ways. They left a mark on society through their steady giving and good lives.

You can do the same. Smile at someone smaller than yourself today. Notice the energy that fills you as you simply lift the corners of your mouth one-half of an inch. It is miraculous, isn’t it? Sustain that smile for 30 seconds and your day will feel brighter. We promise. Try it!

And while you’re busy changing the energy of your life in positive ways–both for you and for others–keep a journal of your hopes, your goals, and the daily abundances of your life.

Find the tiniest things to write down. Are you grateful for your eyelashes? (Some people are born without them, you know.) Are you grateful for your refrigerator? Your ten toes? Seriously, every positive aspect in your current life is longed for by someone on the other side of the globe.

When life feels the most challenging, keep that journal going with the abundances of your life, even of tiniest form. Pair that with a daily smile to someone smaller than you, and within weeks you may begin to notice a different kind of glow about you. One might even call it a “Mother Theresa” glow.

Good for you! No decision is too small when it comes to your decisions to live a successful, happy life and to help others do the same.