Believe in Yourself

Believe in yourself. We do. It’s why we’ve created this website.

You are worth something. Perhaps more than you know. Why? Because you are part of humanity, and for all the awful choices some parts of history contain, there are individuals who have dug deep within themselves and found the best part of what it means to be a human being.

You know the kind. Mother Theresa and others who shone by their good works and kind ways. They left a mark on society through their steady giving and good lives.

You can do the same. Smile at someone smaller than yourself today. Notice the energy that fills you as you simply lift the corners of your mouth one-half of an inch. It is miraculous, isn’t it? Sustain that smile for 30 seconds and your day will feel brighter. We promise. Try it!

And while you’re busy changing the energy of your life in positive ways–both for you and for others–keep a journal of your hopes, your goals, and the daily abundances of your life.

Find the tiniest things to write down. Are you grateful for your eyelashes? (Some people are born without them, you know.) Are you grateful for your refrigerator? Your ten toes? Seriously, every positive aspect in your current life is longed for by someone on the other side of the globe.

When life feels the most challenging, keep that journal going with the abundances of your life, even of tiniest form. Pair that with a daily smile to someone smaller than you, and within weeks you may begin to notice a different kind of glow about you. One might even call it a “Mother Theresa” glow.

Good for you! No decision is too small when it comes to your decisions to live a successful, happy life and to help others do the same.