Yeah, yeah, I know…get organized :0)

Get organized. It is the symbol of a life well-tended.

Your organization can start with the smallest corners of your world. Organize a drawer. Organize a closet shelf. Organize your stationary. Just pick something to organize and do it.

And while you’re cleaning out that glove compartment, or the mud room, or your kitchen pantry, notice the feeling that comes when you work at something until it is finished.

All too often we stop before we’ve felt the glow of success. And we miss out on what that emotion can do to recharge us for today. Getting organized in the tiniest of ways teaches us we can work hard, we can do hard things, we can finish what we start. And that, my friend, can be amongst the most glorious of feelings.

So start today. Pick the tiniest of tasks and go organize it. Sensate the experience. Enjoy it. Then tomorrow pick a tiny bit bigger of a project. Etc. Soon enough you’ll be soaring through the most difficult of challenges with confidence. You can do hard things. You know what it is like to be a finisher.

All because you picked something today to organize. So go to it!

(And then write us and let us know how it felt.)

Make Your Bed Each Day

We’re serious. Making your bed can be one of the most important things you do each day to achieve your goals. And it has nothing to do with the cleanliness of your bedroom (although that is a nice thing).

When you make your bed, you are in essence saying, “I am in charge of my life. I am not a quitter.”

On the days you’re tired and you make your bed, you’re saying, “Nothing gets me down, not even myself.”

On the days you’re angry and you make your bed, you’re saying, “That’s ok. This too shall pass.”

On the days you’re ready to give up on everything good, when you make your bed, you’re saying, “I still believe in tomorrow.”

You see, when you tidy one corner of your world, you are building the discipline muscles to tidy even the biggest parts of your universe.

Make your bed each day. Repeat aloud, “I am in charge. I still believe in tomorrow, because I’m taking care of today. I am not a quitter.”

Try it. You’ll like it.

Along Those Lines

Along the lines of our last blog post (singing and swinging into your perfectly fitting “slippers”), remember this: Imitation is death.

Why is that? Well, many reasons…some thoughts of which you could share that would be better than the ones we might have. But when you are trying to imitate the life or the talents or the style of another individual, you are starving that which was meant to be born from within you!

Have you heard of the concept of “turgidity”? When a plant’s turgidity is high, it means it has ample fluid hydrating its cells. When the turgidity is low, it simply means the plant is desperately thirsting for water.

Have you been starving your life’s cells pining for the mission, life call, or talents of another? We submit that when you take time to journal each day about your life, about the abundances you choose to notice, and about the good things you do, you will begin to water and feed your own “plant.” Your emotional, social, spiritual, and physical turgidity will increase.

And that, my friend, is a very good place to be. So go get happenin’ with that plant water for your soul!