You Have Your Own Path

You have your own path. Not that of another.

Think about the ugly stepsisters. Perhaps if they had been less interested in trying to squish their feet into Cinderella’s slipper they might have found a pair of their own.

Are you trying to squish your feet into the slipper of another? Why not take some time this week to journal on that thought?

Are you trying to live a life that someone else is called to live? Do you have talents that need to “sing” or “swing” in their own way? What are they? Take some time to journal about these thoughts. You may be surprised at what comes to you!

Did You Know…

Did you know that as you aid others toward their dreams, yours are more likely to appear?

There seems to be something about serving others in quiet ways that is the real deal. No joke. We read recently about a study that assessed the health boost in observers when another person chose to be kind to a stranger.

We are all connected in myriads of ways. So on your path to your personal success, make sure to share some of that success along the way by helping someone today!