Life Works…When You Work

It’s an expression that bears repeating again and again and again…

“Life works…when you work.”

Don’t be a quitter. Read some of the previous posts. Get a journal. Document your feelings. Set goals and review your previous journal entries.

Life really doesn’t have to be hard. Yes, there are setbacks. Those of us who work on this blog have experienced the death of a child, the repeated loss of jobs, betrayal of friends, tight budgets.

But none of that means we need nor should give up our dreams. In fact, it’s like writing exquisite poetry. Talk to any professional poet. Often they will tell you it is when they are writing to the tightest forms of poetry that their work shines the truest.

So no matter what you’ve faced in the past, you mustn’t give up. You can’t! The world needs you. We need you: your perspective, your creative works, your gifts, your talents.

When faced with despair or difficulty of the largest kind, please do remember this: life works when you work. And when you show up each day ready to at least try, THAT, my friend, is when the pain will ease and when you can find love and hope and balance once again.

Make Your Bed Each Day

We’re serious. Making your bed can be one of the most important things you do each day to achieve your goals. And it has nothing to do with the cleanliness of your bedroom (although that is a nice thing).

When you make your bed, you are in essence saying, “I am in charge of my life. I am not a quitter.”

On the days you’re tired and you make your bed, you’re saying, “Nothing gets me down, not even myself.”

On the days you’re angry and you make your bed, you’re saying, “That’s ok. This too shall pass.”

On the days you’re ready to give up on everything good, when you make your bed, you’re saying, “I still believe in tomorrow.”

You see, when you tidy one corner of your world, you are building the discipline muscles to tidy even the biggest parts of your universe.

Make your bed each day. Repeat aloud, “I am in charge. I still believe in tomorrow, because I’m taking care of today. I am not a quitter.”

Try it. You’ll like it.