Yeah, yeah, I know…get organized :0)

Get organized. It is the symbol of a life well-tended.

Your organization can start with the smallest corners of your world. Organize a drawer. Organize a closet shelf. Organize your stationary. Just pick something to organize and do it.

And while you’re cleaning out that glove compartment, or the mud room, or your kitchen pantry, notice the feeling that comes when you work at something until it is finished.

All too often we stop before we’ve felt the glow of success. And we miss out on what that emotion can do to recharge us for today. Getting organized in the tiniest of ways teaches us we can work hard, we can do hard things, we can finish what we start. And that, my friend, can be amongst the most glorious of feelings.

So start today. Pick the tiniest of tasks and go organize it. Sensate the experience. Enjoy it. Then tomorrow pick a tiny bit bigger of a project. Etc. Soon enough you’ll be soaring through the most difficult of challenges with confidence. You can do hard things. You know what it is like to be a finisher.

All because you picked something today to organize. So go to it!

(And then write us and let us know how it felt.)

Did You Know…

Did you know that as you aid others toward their dreams, yours are more likely to appear?

There seems to be something about serving others in quiet ways that is the real deal. No joke. We read recently about a study that assessed the health boost in observers when another person chose to be kind to a stranger.

We are all connected in myriads of ways. So on your path to your personal success, make sure to share some of that success along the way by helping someone today!

You Must Make a Place in Your Heart for Success

Ever see a butterfly land on a flower? It doesn’t just “chunk” itself down. No, it effortlessly lands on a petal here, a leaf there. Beauty is always full of grace.

Success can feel like a butterfly at times. When you approach it lightly, sincerely, willingly, it gracefully remains. But if you’re freaking out about deadlines, about pressure, about “must”s or “should”s or “have-to”s, you will scare away the butterflies of success with all that movement.

One of the simplest ways to invite success into your life is to still yourself and to open your heart. Are you ready for success? Are you a willing host or hostess? Do you invite it by the stillness of your soul inside?

You must prepare a place in your heart for success, much as you would a visitor who is coming to stay in your home. For her, you would pull out the fresh linens, washcloths, guest soap and towels. You would spruce up your home, expectantly waiting for your prized visitor. You would watch out the window during her expected time of arrival.

So, is this how you prepare for success in your life? Do you eagerly look for “her”? Or do you bang around, forcing your way through life, screaming at the injustices that surround you? Complaining at setbacks? Snarling at others’ successes?

Those who are successful have made a place in their heart for winning, for ease, for abundance for themselves and for others. If you’re still working on this, that is fine. It takes time to learn how to be still, still enough for a butterfly to visit and to stay. Just know that when you’re ready, and have quieted the “freaking out” and gentled the “must”s, lady success is far more likely to gently grace your life’s petals.