Bizarro Mundo

Remember George Orwell’s 1984? Prepare to step into that world just a bit by visiting this link. And once you’ve settled into that space, you can then begin imagining all kinds of plot lines in this now all-too-real-just-about-to-arrive totalitarian existence. Who is your hero? Who is your enemy? Can you flip the story both ways? What if the hero was really the one running the ultra-NSA spy place? Why would he or she be doing that? Who would be the enemy?

Or maybe your story line would be more traditional. Maybe it’s the really evil people who’ve designed this awful place with really bad plans in place for total domination. Who would be your hero then? What would be his hope to even win?

All kinds of story possibilities in this particular news story.

Ya Think?

A cashless society? Can you imagine? Sweden is trying it. Some like it; some don’t. But just imagine the possibilities for your novel. Why might you put in order a cashless society? Who would be for it? Who would be against it? Where could this take you for your newest story? (or perhaps it could throw an intriguing twist in one you’ve previously written)

The possibilities are endless. I’d love to hear your ideas!

Manipulating Morals

Ok, now here is something that 50 years ago would only have shown up in a sci-fi novel. Why not use it in your creative work today?

Pharmaceutical companies controlling your thoughts. Hmmmm. What kind of fictional world can you conjure up? What kind of story line? Who would be the good guys? The other guys? Sometimes truth IS stranger than fiction, but you can use it anyway to create your plot lines! Regardless of the facts of this story, you could probably come up with something to rival Tom Clancy or John Grisham. :0)

Now here’s something interesting for your novel…

Yes, yes, the science world is a perfect place to study for a novelist. Why? Because of stories like this one. Japan has apparently invented a speech-jamming gun that is a true “tie the tongue” invention.

Now why would someone go and do something like that? Not sure. But it may be just the thing to stimulate your creative juices if you’ve reached a block in your sci-fi writing.

A New Ice Age?

It’s not just every day a funky story like this comes along. In fact, it’s been since 2008 scientists have noticed and predicted an ever decreasing amount of sun spots (eventually to slow and then reverse).

To most ham radio enthusiasts, this normally dry subject causes ears to prick, because sun spot activity impacts ham radio transmissions (among other things).

To hungry novelists, just think how these scientific studies stir a writer’s blood to contemplate the many possibilities this “1000+-year-typical-weather-cycle” adds to an already intense story line. Most serious scientists now are predicting that in 20-30 years, the cold apparently will be so intense there will be global food shortage, potentially causing mass societal upheaval (I add: unless everyone started obtaining food storage…like, uh, now).

Here’s the link. Whether you write science fiction or not, pop by the site, read the reports, and imagine the story possibilities this provides for your next (or current) novel!

A Little Spice for Your Suspense Novel

Here’s a possibility to throw some kinks into your protagonist’s life. Let’s say that your protagonist’s four-year old daughter is dealing with heart-issues and must have surgery tomorrow to repair her heart, or she dies. But then this happens in the United States, wiping out the hospital’s equipment and ability to continue with this risky surgery. Talk about ratcheting up the tension of the story.