A New Ice Age?

It’s not just every day a funky story like this comes along. In fact, it’s been since 2008 scientists have noticed and predicted an ever decreasing amount of sun spots (eventually to slow and then reverse).

To most ham radio enthusiasts, this normally dry subject causes ears to prick, because sun spot activity impacts ham radio transmissions (among other things).

To hungry novelists, just think how these scientific studies stir a writer’s blood to contemplate the many possibilities this “1000+-year-typical-weather-cycle” adds to an already intense story line. Most serious scientists now are predicting that in 20-30 years, the cold apparently will be so intense there will be global food shortage, potentially causing mass societal upheaval (I add: unless everyone started obtaining food storage…like, uh, now).

Here’s the link. Whether you write science fiction or not, pop by the site, read the reports, and imagine the story possibilities this provides for your next (or current) novel! http://www.spaceandscience.net/id4.html

Wow, how the time has flown

I had taken a year’s sabbatical, following the impression that I’d received last summer that “now” was the time for family. In faith, I quit all extra activities. Three weeks after that impression, my mother passed away suddenly during surgery. She’d gone in to the hospital to have a tumor removed from her intestine…and bled out during surgery. Total shock.

Moral of the story? Always listen to the impressions that lead you to do good things.

Since that time, I have spent family time, family time, family time. Or at least tried to. And how glad I am. My oldest son just went into the Missionary Training Center yesterday. Talk about a day of mixed emotions! And yet, I have never in my life seen my son so happy.

I was looking at the pictures last night that I took immediately before he walked through the doors of the MTC, where he will be for 9 weeks learning the Slovak language and getting ready to fly to the Czech Prague mission. I will be posting more about his experiences (and ours here in the states) during the next two years (25 months, to be precise).

But in the interim, I’m glad to be back blogging. And these past months have shaped and will continue to shape the usage of the months ahead of me…for the rest of my life.

What e’er you do, do well your part. Isn’t that Shakespeare? And it rests heavily on my mind as I look back to the months since my mother’s passing–up till yesterday, where my son passed on to his new mission experience (and where I won’t see him for 2 years). There is no time like the present to love and hug those that matter most to you.

A Little Spice for Your Suspense Novel

Here’s a possibility to throw some kinks into your protagonist’s life. Let’s say that your protagonist’s four-year old daughter is dealing with heart-issues and must have surgery tomorrow to repair her heart, or she dies. But then this happens in the United States, wiping out the hospital’s equipment and ability to continue with this risky surgery. Talk about ratcheting up the tension of the story.